Hello Denny, Jim & Gang,

        The guys and I wanted to thank you for one of the best deer hunts we have ever been on in the country.  When we drove thru the gate and onto the property I knew I had made a good choice.  I've hunted all over the world in the last 40 yrs and my experience with you and your staff was amazing.  All of us were really impressed with the lodge, guides and certainly Anita's cooking.

        You know I was really nervous when I booked this hunt and brought my huntn buddies along, they were just coming on my word on what you had described to me.  After we arrived they gave me a thumbs up, what a relief.  We all had the same opinion, your 5 star lodge rated a six.   

         What they mentioned to me that they really loved the fact that if they booked a 200 in deer and he happened to be a 210 after the shot, no problem.  Thats worth a lot right there.  Your animals were outstanding, not many places to go where you can harvest anything from a 150 to a 300 class deer.  My deer ended up scoring 287 and some change, weighing 271 lbs, what a monster.  I'm going to try and have the mount done in time and bring him to the Dallas show.  We can show him off a little huh?

         Again Denny, thanks for the hunt of a lifetime, we all agree that your operation rates in the top 3 in the world, very classy.


"Hunting with you and your experienced staff this past year at Autumn Antlers was indeed a hunter's dream come true. Harvesting four 220 + class bucks in a single hunting trip was euphoric, to say the least.The largest of the four was a 260 6/8". I have whitetail deer hunted for forty years in several states and taken some good animals, but nothing like these. The heated, comfortable deer blinds only added to the overall hunting experience. Your competent staff went above and beyond to meet my every need. As much as I enjoyed the hunting, I was always anxious to return to the lodge, which beyond a doubt is the most luxurious hunting lodge that I have ever been in. Words cannot describe it's design, comfort, and attention to detail. My only regret on this hunt was not having my wife along to enjoy the beauty and comfort that the lodge had to offer.My trip next year will definitely include her. I want to thank the entire staff at Autumn Antlers for making my 2011 deer hunting season one to remember. I arrived and was greeted by strangers, but departed with many new made friendships."