About Autumn Antlers

Founded January 1, 2006 Autumn Antlers Trophy Whitetail Lodge and Preserve provides the ultimate hunting experience. Attention to detail, customer service, and trophy animals create an ideal hunting atmosphere. Autumn Antlers was founded by a group of outdoorsmen who decided Minnesota should be a place to hunt trophy whitetail, elk, red deer and Mouflon Ram.

Our team of outdoor enthusiasts has created an opportunity for hunters to take that elusive trophy. At Autumn Antlers, it's not just a hunt, it is an experience. Trophy animals combined with gourmet meals in a compelling lodge setting creates an authentic five star atmosphere in the backwoods. Autumn Antlers offers the nature of Minnesota in conjunction with a trophy experience to fulfill the hunter's ultimate dream.

Our big-game Hunting Preserve is located in central Minnesota, 130 miles Northwest of Minneapolis. Autumn Antlers is set in the heart of Minnesota but most of all in the heart of a sportsman's anticipated trophy whitetail experience.

We have worked to achieve a world-class trophy whitetail herd through careful management of genetics, herd size, and nutrients. Food plots have been maintained through the years to ensure required nutrients to produce trophy whitetails. Our professional management system guarantees healthy world class whitetail deer.